12mm Laminate Flooring Isabelline
12mm Laminate Flooring Isabelline
Coventry Laminate Flooring

12mm Laminate Flooring Isabelline

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12mm Thick

193mm Wide Plank

5G Click Installation

AC5 Commercial


This Series Woods Professional 12mm thick laminate looks and feels like a precious hardwood floor, it is unrivaled in depth and precision of how the structure meets perfectly with the decor. Produced with the latest technology.

An authentic textured surface adds character, while the bevelled edges give purpose to each and every plank, improving definition all while ensuring that classic wood floor look. Best suited to average and larger rooms, where its 1380mm length and 193mm wide board can really come into play this is a floor that deserves all the admiring glances it is sure to receive.

With an AC 5 / commercial grade wear rating, and simple 5G click system for easier and faster installation, this floor is fit for use in the all areas of the home expect bathrooms. In addition this floor comes with a 35 year warranty.