14mm Laminate Flooring Rock
14mm Laminate Flooring Rock
14mm Laminate Flooring Rock
Coventry Laminate Flooring UK

14mm Laminate Flooring Rock

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  • Extra-wide & Super-long planks

  • 14mm thickness

  • Ease of living

14mm Thick

244mm Extra Wide Plank

Super Long 2025mm

AC5 Commercial


These Vantage 14mm thick boards offers exceptional quality matched by the exquisite style of extra-wide and super-long planks, making this a winning choice for the most discerning homes.

Based on the solid, rustic floor of real wood, the soft tones and texture make this flooring a beautiful choice for any decor and further depth and definition is added to the finish due to the 4V bevels on each side of the plank, giving an overall traditional appearance to the floor.

This floor features a simple 5G click system for easier and faster installation and its low maintenance and easy to care nature makes it perfect for even the busiest of homes. In addition this floor comes with a 35 year warranty.